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10 月 2012

全球安装使用的 滑轮陈列架 已经超过一千万套

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滑轮陈列架是市场上最优质的货架管理系统 ,拥有无与伦比的功能使商品总是在货架的最前 端,可以使用于任何不同重量和尺寸的商品。

滑轮陈列架面世四年以来,在全球超过 10 个国家、20 多间零售商已经安装使用。目前滑轮 陈列架正在北美、欧洲、亚洲和大洋洲地区广泛推广使用 ,滑轮陈列架为零售商带来更高的 销售量同时降低人力成本。.


8 月 2012

滑轮陈列架 可以应用在任何货架上

可调角度货架: 滑轮陈列架 可以安装在任何可调角度货架上使用
Gondola 货架 滑轮陈列架与 Gondola 货架可组合使用
可抽出式货架: FlexRoller integrated into a pull-out shelf for out-of-the-box installation.
Riser Shelf: 滑轮陈列架 可组合成抽出式货架层板,方便摆放商品
We will review and measure the shelf and recommend the best solution. Shelves are developed to exact specifications and shipped directly to the stores. Each FlexRoller box includes installation instructions but we have experienced that most in-store personell does not need those since FlexRoller is very intuitive and easy to install.
7 月 2012


Products that are front faced are easier and more convenient to shop. Consumers easily locate and reach their product of choice and that drives sales in any category. Fully stocked and organized shelves always increase sales in all channels.

Automatic and consistent product fronting helps retailers save time and labor costs as well – less time spent fronting and organizing the merchandised products in the category. Purchase decision research continues to show that:

  • 13%的顾客不会购买在购物计划以外的商品
  • 29%的顾客会购买计划外的商品
  • 39%的顾客在店内决定购买的商品品牌
  • 52%的顾客在店内决定购买商品的尺寸和购买数量

These results confirm how important it is to maintain a well organized and good looking shelf .


资料来源: POPAI2012 顾客购买行为调查

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